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Sex and Cigarettes

849 kr
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Perfekt till soffbordet, bokhyllan eller öppen som ett snyggt stileben framme i hallen. 

Material: Papper (176 sidor)

Färg: Svart/vitt omslag 

Storlek: h: 27,5 x 34 x 25 cm

WOW - till denna leverantör med de finaste böckerna att ha till inspiration och dekoration i ditt hem. Coffee Table Books är något som senaste tiden blivit väldigt populärt. 


Strong women, accentuated by their beauty and sensuality, are the hallmark of fashion photographer Daniella Midenge. Her pictures evoke intimacy and passion, beyond the outer shell. Black-and-white or color, her photos have an incredible power of expression that draws the eye of men and women alike. Her unique style still shows the influence of photographers like Peter Lindbergh and Herb Ritts.

As a woman and a model herself, Daniella Midenge is at home both behind and in front of the camera, directing, producing, doing hair and make-up, retouching-all of which she does herself. It's no wonder she is reluctant to let others handle the processing of her photographs. Growing up in a creative family, her love of images, faces, shapes, and exotic places combined with her work as an oil painting restorer-all contributed to the many twists and turns on Midenge's path to photography. After her first contact with a camera, she never looked back. For the first time, Daniella Midenge's best work is collected in a single volume: one that will leave you wanting to see more.